"Sea Glass" What is it and where it came from.

       Vale's collection of the day

Our Sea Glass Collection was born from having grown up on the beautiful beaches of Positano.

In fact, for those of us who have spent most of their childhood on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast or have had the good fortune to come on holiday here, we know these little gems that the sea gives us among the pebbles of the beaches.

In some countries of the world shells and corals are collected, here the Sea Glass.

It may seem simple glass, but it has a much longer and more interesting history. Because even if it started from a simple bottle or a glass, it ended up in the sea and passed into the hands of Poseidon who smoothed it and softened its curves for years before giving it to us on the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

The stones used to make our collection were personally collected by us and our children from the beaches that we frequent most Laurito, Fornillo, Fiumiciello, Arienzo and the large beach of Positano.

Micky at work

work in progress

Anello Positano